Medals Militaria

We have been going to war for as long as us humans can remember, fighting battles in our own country, going overseas to fight in other worlds and other cultures., we have history books telling us of these stories, so what better than if interested, than to collect relics from these bygone and current days.

Medals,Militaria feature greatly in all these conflicts both past and present, medals virtually can give you an history lesson just by buying the various campaign medals that are available for most countries and even better if you collect British medals in particular they are mostly named to the recipient and regiment or branch of service so you can virtually pin the recipient down to exactly where he or she was serving and what part in that campaign did they play.

Documentation for the medals from most countries can also give you some of these details so they too play a big part in medal collecting.

Militaria on the other hand gives the collector the opportunity to put together the actual items that were used in these conflicts, uniforms, equipment, weapons such as bayonets, swords, spears etc. the superb looking headdress through to the combat helmet, all exciting things to collect and go back in time with.

Collecting Medals Militaria without doubt broadens your knowledge of history and helps future generations realise what our fore fathers went through for us to live as we do today.

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