Militaria for Sale

Searching the internet for militaria for sale can be a daunting task if you are just starting out.
This short blog hopefully gives the beginner and collector a little advice on where to find, who to buy from and what to buy.

Finding militaria can start from many angles, ask family members or friends, this is usually a good source and normally guarantees its originality and in many cases gives you a good start.

When looking for mlitaria for sale try to find a reputable dealer, someone who has been in the business for many years and offers you guarantees of authenticity, this is very important. Auction Houses with Militaria for sale are also a good place to acquire the items you are looking for but these sometimes can be more expensive than the dealers.

What should I look for ?
This is very much an individual thing, Orders, Medals and Decorations are very popular, Headdress, Uniforms and Equipment are also popular collectables together with bayonets, swords and antique firearms, the list is endless.

Paperwork, postcards, paintings and prints, model or toy soldiers all come under the category of Militaria but the final advice would be to choose the area which you wish to collect and buy some reference books firstly on the subject so that you have some knowledge on what to look for before you start hunting.

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