Military Cross

Collecting Militaria is one of the first forms of collecting since man arrived on the planet. In times gone by the armies at war, or individuals would take home the prized weapons and insignia from their vanquished foes and decorate their castles with the trophies of war.

Today the victor’s still take the spoils and it has become possible for collectors to acquire many of these relics and build historically valuable collections of the souvenirs of war. Uniforms, medals, badges weapons, ephemera and personal items of the fighting man are collected and they all have a value.

Collecting War Memorabilia is not just a hobby but a valuable investment for the future.

Over the past years there has been a significant increase in the demand for such items and with this an increase in value, not only for the monetary side but for the caring of our historical past, making this hobby a valuable investment for the future.

Take the British Military Cross for example, instituted during the First World War it was awarded at that time to officers only, has become a very collectable item, 30 years ago one could buy a Military Cross for about £6 today you would be looking at around the £800- £1000 with an increasing value dependant upon the action, citation and the rarity of the Military Cross, which may have been issued at a later date or given for a  small action.

By using the Military Cross as an example it shows how collecting War Memorabilia of any kind can show a good investment and a Historical important collection for the future and future generations.

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