Nazi Memorabilia

When people who are not collectors or very interested in world history hear the word Nazi, it immediately brings the most terrible and repulsive thoughts to mind, the terrible things that this regime put human beings through for an idealism that civilised people cannot contemplate.

However, when historians and collectors begin to study and learn more about Hitlers Third Reich, they find that this regime was a very powerful brain washing scheme that many people who fell under its spell could not help but get sucked into the system. The symbols, the change of a complete country into a uniformed and proud at the time nation was all part of the process of keeping normal human beings on its side and promising the converted they could change the world.

Nazi memorabilia when collected shows this to great extent

The flags and banners with the colours of red , white and black and that ancient emblem tilted to one side, the swastika. A sign of evil now but a sign at the time which was virtually on everything.

Complete new uniforms, smart new insignia, not just for the Armed forces but for small children, old veterans, postmen etc. making nazi memorabilia a huge area to collect and study.

They made day badges or tinnies as the collecting world know them and these were made in their thousands and sold for little money but helped to top up the funds to keep this regime on the road, they are a huge area of collecting nazi memorabilia that is only now just becoming popular and sort after, they are made from all materials, cloth, wood, metal (Tin in many cases) plastic and can be found with or without the swastika emblem embellishing them.

They are made for all areas of Germany and Austria and indeed other countries across the world and cover all the Armed Forces and Civilian Organisations. One can find the collection tins, postcards, stamps, books relating to these tinnies and thus making it an extensive collecting area which gives an historical record of how the inter war and war years progressed.

They didn’t stop at anything, a huge area collected are the superb toy soldiers and toys that the Germans are famous for, these too were re dressed in the Nazi regalia and all branches of service together with the personalities of the time were manufactured from Hitler with moving arm to Hess and Goebells some with realistic porcelain heads at an added cost, the young children could create the mass marches at Nurenburg in miniature with the banners etc. they even made a figure with a collecting box that rattled when shook. No corner or stone was left unturned, anything to put the system in front of you was used.

Without doubt, how distasteful Nazi Memorabilia is to many of us, it does offer the collector and historian a huge area to study and collect and although still very fresh and raw in the minds to most people will in time be spoke about like we speak of the Romans, Persians and the Mongols and become the darker side of this worlds history.

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