WW1 Medal

Collecting medals has been around for many years but it is without doubt that with the centenary of the First Great War of 1914/18 or WW1 for short , the hobby is taking a great increase in interest.

Collecting the WW1 Medal as a Historical Record of the Great War of 1914/1918

The WW1 medal or medals issued by the Countries taking part in this terrible war are vast in numbers and they present a very interesting aspect of collecting giving the collector/investor a varied choice of material to choose from and learn about the First War and the countries involved.

Germany, Austro/Hungary, Turkey give a wide choice of medals but perhaps the most famous WW1 medal for these nations has to be the Prussian Iron Cross which was given out firstly for valour and courage and then eventually as a moral booster after years of bloody conflict.

The Allied nations of France, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Russia, United States of America, Japan just to name but a few give the collector an enormous amount of medals to choose from, some being given as late as the 1970’s in recognition of the services rendered by these brave men who served in the Great War.

The WW1 medal gives the collector an opportunity to research study and in many cases remind them of the years that this conflict took from so many young men from all countries involved and helps to make one realize what sacrifice these men gave in the belief that what they were fighting for was correct and good. “WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM’.

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