WW1 Militaria

Without doubt 2014 being the Centenary year of when the Great War of 1914/18 started there has been a huge increase in collecting WW1 Militaria (World War One Militaria).

Those terrible war years were the experimental ground for untold weapons of destruction and equipment, chemical warfare and killing on an unheard of scale.

Out went the colourful uniforms and headdress of the 19th Century and over a period of 4 years in came the Khaki, Field Grey, Horizon Blue, all with the exception of the latter still being used today in certain circumstances.

These new styled uniforms and equipment form a great part in the collecting of WW1 Militaria and introduce the collector/investor into a huge field of collecting and diversity.

Original items of WW1 militaria are not easily acquired and even for the specialist dealer it is an area that poses a problem to find good original items in any quantity, however many do find items and over a period of time the collector can build a valuable collection of artefacts.

Collecting themes are common amongst the collector, and one can build a collection just entirely of French WW1 Militaria or perhaps British or American. Just collect the steel helmets of WW1 or the Gas Masks, perhaps just medals or the badges worn at the time, the list is endless and gives the WW1 Militaria collector years of pleasure for now and the future. Happy collecting.

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