WW2 German Militaria

Collecting WW2 German Militaria can be a very rewarding and interesting hobby, however it has become a very expensive part of Militaria collecting and with the increase in value so it lends itself to the forgery and reproduction business.

It is very important to source your material from dealers and collectors who will offer you a guarantee of authenticity although because of the nature of some copies , even the known experts cannot guarantee the originality of certain items as the fakes are so good.

If you are a beginner and wish to collect WW2 German Militaria, a good suggestion to avoid the multitude of fakes etc. is to try and choose areas of the subject that are not viable or easy to fake.

Look at the German Tinnies/Day Badges these were produced in the thousands and far too numerous to fake, some known fakes do exist but generally speaking one could collect this area of WW2 German militaria and be comfortable in the fact that they are not expensive and the shear volume keeps the repro artist at bay.

Ephemera, some items of equipment etc. are also good to collect, photographs, model or toy soldiers produced at the time are easily identified as being fakes so this also is a good area to collect.

This said, the medals, badges, edged weapons and uniforms etc. of WW2 German militaria are very attractive and very interesting and providing that you go into this area of collecting with your eyes wide open and research by buying books on the subject then these other items should not be steered away from because they are without doubt very popular and a very large part of the militaria collecting world.

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